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Rockers, Cafe Racers, or Ton-up boys are members of a biker subculture that originated in the United Kingdom during the 1950s. It was mainly centered on British café racer motorcycles and Rock ‘n’ Roll music. By 1965, the term greaser had also been introduced to Great Britain.

Since then, the terms greaser and rocker have become synonymous within the British Isles although used differently in North America and elsewhere. Rockers were also derisively known as Coffee Bar Cowboys. Their Japanese equivalent was called the Kaminari-zoku (Thunder Tribe). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ton-Up Boulder is a site dedicated to this way of life.  People that live in and around Boulder, CO. It is run and maintained by myself (Charlie Baltimore), the founder and owner of 121 CUSTOMS motorcycles. Be sure to follow and like the various social sites to stay up-to-date on ride events and all the latest content.