Fun Saturday in the shop…

Cafe yearly offseason tweaking going well.

Got the electronics tray done, now there is no reason for a fender.  Re located my seat latch, so that won’t loosen this year.  And went to LowBrow and got a wonderful little tail light called the “Titmouse”, installation on that pending.  But a fine quality item, billet housing with LED module inside. I love the look, small and clean (but still bright).

121 Bobber project

Got a new rear hub (new to me), a ’72 triumph conical.  Just needs the chrome removed, some powder coat, and get it laced up.  I’m still looking for a front plate for the drum with all the fix’ns if anyone has some.

1969 TRW250

Motor is done and sitting in a crate till i can get some time to clean the frame and other such nonsense.

Club stuff

Still looking for a local place to gather for beers and to watch the MotoGP races, as well as some local support sites for a weekly gathering.  Also any local artists that enjoy expressing themselves on helmets and motorcycle tanks.

If interested in anything or you are a moto supporting/friendly artist, hit a brother up Charlie Baltimore