Hydraulic Clutch Conversion

I purchased the clutch from L.P. Williams (http://www.triumph-spares.co.uk), the kit supplied a hydraulic cylinder with counter sunk screws, a copper tube with threaded ends, a replacement gasket, a threaded adapter for the clutch cover, a braided brake/clutch line, and lever/master cylinder.  The second lever to the right was the matching brake lever I purchased as well.  The instructions suggest installation will take 1.5 hours.


I started by taking off the clutch cover and removing some internals such as the kicker spring and gear as well as the plate that holds the shifter pins.  I also removed the clutch plates and clutch rods from the other side of the motor.


I dry fit the cylinder to make sure of fit and found that the threaded adapter was hitting the cover and needed to be ground down a bit.


Took the Dremel to the case and cleaned up the excess aluminum.


I pulled out the cylinder and hand tightened the copper tube to the cylinder and case adapter.

I had to bend the copper tube a bit to get a proper fit, but be careful not to crack the tube.  I replaced the shifter plate and attached the braided line to the adapter.


I then set up a set of handlebars in a vise, and attached the lever with master cylinder, filled the reservoir with DOT4 brake fluid and with the bleeder valve open I started pumping.


Once all the air was all out of the line, I refitted the cover and mounted the lever.  I replaced the clutch plates on the other side, reseated the clutch rod, and replaced the pressure plate.  Total time including the grinding of the cover (which should only have to be done on some models) took 3 hours.

image8 image9