Long weekend of hard work…

So it’s another Colorado winter and it’s been a busy year since I’ve moved into my wonderful homey comfortable mountain house.  One of the bonuses of this house other than being in located in the beauty of Boulder is it has a proper space for a shop.  The problem is, it was a former wood working shop.  So to say it’s dirty is an understatement.  Water stains and dirt from years of a cracked wall that leaked snowmelt like tears from a small child without candy has left the floor soiled and praying for a new finish.

So I made this weekend a 4 day weekend and started it by removing everything from the shop today.  Not a small project when you go multiple engines, frames, wheel sets, tires, shelving, and other miscellaneous parts.  Steel welding tables aren’t light!

Already used an industrial epoxy to seal the crack rather than the bubble gum, so I think i’m moving in the right direction.  Tomorrow is a good cleaning of all the 1960’s concrete walls and floor.

Sunday is supposed to be almost 60 degrees which will allow me to get the epoxy paint on the floor so none of that nasty Triumph oil can sink into the floor and reach China.

Monday will be the walls with Dry-Lok waterproofing paint. I’m interested to see how well this stuff works.

Then the rest of the week after work will be minor eletrical magic, shop lights etc. Along with restocking the shelving and parts.

Then the purchases as i can afford them (or find them on craigslist).  Starting with a new lift, so i don’t have to build another bike on the floor.