Okay the Election is OVER!!!

…So lets get back to motorcycles.

What has happened during this whole election thing was going on?  KTM went off on multiple levels.  The biggest news for me was the unveiling of the amazing new RC-16 MotoGP bike for next season!!!



Stefan Pierer (CEO KTM Group): “Almost two and a half years ago we made the decision that when we become number one in Europe we would be forced to take the last step (to join MotoGP). Meanwhile we’re now selling more than 60% of our 200,000 bikes onroad and to get accepted at the highest level of the sport you must take part in MotoGP, the F1 of motorcycle racing. Racing is our philosophy, our motivation and if weenter the segment, for sure we will have a learning curve but we will reach to podium – and my life’s dream is to be the world champion in MotoGP.”

This little beauty will be running in a few more test session then appearing in the Wild Card slot for the Valencia race this weekend.

Then this little video popped up; THE BEAST 2.0

Once you wipe your brow off, then you had these photos come out of the possibly new KTM 790 DUKE PROTOTYPE – dubbed “THE SCALPEL”, with the return of under tail exhaust and an even more aggressive styling. And a new motor the LC8c, the ‘c’ stands for compact, and has changed from a v twin to an inline twin.



Super Sport

Then Ducati… Well what would they do…well the new Super Sport is out. Then there was that whole Ducati 1408 thing.  Guess that 1299 Superleggera wasn’t bad ass enough for some.

I’m not saying that these were the only big things to come up but just some models that got me going.  BMW announced the R nineT would come in some new flavors like the scrambler, urban, and road racer versions.

Honda showed off the new fire blade that you will see Nicky Hayden on next year in World Superbike. So on and so on.

-Charlie Baltimore