Prayers for Nicky Hayden..


If you haven’t heard Nicky Hayden was on a training ride with a group on his bicycle in Italy.  While out he was hit, what looks to be head on.  Full article with updates here.

So this morning after reading some more updates I found a good friend and Christian (same man that helped save me) linked me via facebook to another group of Christian road-race fans who I know from high school.  This is one of the updates from their facebook site.  Glorious little article and great summary of Nicky’s career:

“It has been 3 days without any real updates on Nicky’s condition, however, it is quickly becoming apparent that he will never be the same. I think that it would be a miracle for him to end up as good as Michael Schumacher is today which is not a good outlook at all. When you are part of the motorcycle racing world everything seems so important but when you are removed from it you realize that literally nobody in the USA cares at all about this sport or it’s athletes. This is unfortunate for Nicky because he is a wonderful person that Americans should all be proud of. I could write about his incredible accomplishments like turning pro at 17 (while still a high school student) or his incredible Daytona 200 win in 2002 and subsequently becoming the youngest AMA Superbike Champion of all-time that same year. I could certainly mention his Flat Track accomplishments such as winning the famous Peoria TT and it goes without saying that I would mention that he was the MotoGP World Champion in 2006. But what I feel is far more important is commenting on the kind of person he is. Since becoming the World Champion in 2006 there were circumstances (racing politics like teammate and sponsor favoritism etc) and that kept him off of a bike that had a legitimate chance of winning a race. Despite this, he always rode just as hard as he did when he was winning. More important, he never complained or made excuses….he simply was grateful and appreciative to have to opportunity to be out there making a living doing what he loves. He never had to remind anyone that he was an ex-champion and that he would be winning if he was on better equipment. Auto racing in all forms is simply entertainment that likes to promote participants with a “bad boy” image…people that throw temper tantrums when things do not go their way and people that fight with other racers etc (i.e. NASCAR and F1). Sadly, the “nice guys” get overlooked even though they are ones who are the best role models. Nicky Hayden has been a wonderful Ambassador for us Americans during his racing career and I am having a having a hard time processing the fact that we will most likely never see him ride a motorcycle again.” (facebook, 2017)