It’s here finally, keep an eye out for us while in your cages.

project summary:

Bobber is done, had a mishap with the paint on the rear fender and had to send it back for touch up, my bad.

The Cafe is still for sale if interested, if not, the old reliable will be cracked open this winter and given new life.

The Bonneville, well she keeps giving trouble.  Was able to get some wassell carbs and reseated the head, but now the clutch is giving me problems and again and she is back in my shop.  I’m thinking complete tear down and rebuild to ensure all the gremlins are gone.  But I have the wife (@ducmtbgrl) on my ass to ride it.

The TRW250 is still the same right along with the Honda… nothing fancy done to them yet, they will have to wait till winter when I’m finally done with school and the work load lightens up.


Ride Safe, Charlie Baltimore