Shop Status…

Been awhile since I’ve posted last, so here is a quick update on what’s going down at 121 Customs/Tonup Boulder.

121 Bobber

121 Bobber

121 Bobber project:  Everything is out for paint, powder, and ceramic coating.  Very excited to see what everything will look like when it gets back.

Top end of the motor is getting fine tuned and put back together on the bench.




’69 Triumph TRW25

121 Vintage Hypermoto:  This little project is still in my head, but the TRW250 Triumph single motor is complete and ready to sit in it’s new frame.

Just looking for a donor Honda dirt bike to take the front suspension and rear swing arm off of.  I’m liking the Little Honda thank I found… think i might use it.






..and the new addition JATM CB550 Four K project:  The wife found a very clean ’75 CB550 Four that she wants “cafe’ed”.  This will be her first build and is starting out very well.  Quick and easy tear down (look for the parts on eBay username ‘Chuk121’).  This will be the first Japanese cafe out of the shop, so i’m learning a lot.

I’m hoping to have all three of these bikes on the road first thing this spring (May ’17), fingers crossed